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Research & Development


to develop innovative and durable solutions on a timely basis in accordance with client’s needs and production capabilities at a price that reflects the value of short development time solutions.Travertson Inc. is a dynamic, growing company, focused on the development of new technologies that span a diverse set of applications. Our team is comprised of engineering, manufacturing and quality professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the modern marketplace. The people at Travertson focus on the complete product development process, from proof of concept to low volume manufacturing runs. While designing advanced products which are easier to use, more affordable, and more functional than the products they are replacing.

Travertson provides contract research & development, testing, technical marketing and consulting services to companies worldwide. Combining in-house R&D resources and affiliations with industry experts, Travertson, Inc. is ideally suited to complement our customer’s needs.

The company was founded and currently managed by Christian Travert who has been involved with the motorcycle and the engineering industry for over 20 years, focused primarily on new product development. His experience, creativity, and insight into a wide range of materials, structural applications and product development processes has been instrumental in producing cost-effective and proprietary solutions tailored to meet each client’s need.

Travertson values resourcefulness and timely innovation. Delivering not only fast results to client’s problems but durable solutions and know-how. Solutions that when implemented can yield major cost-savings and improved product differentiation.

Today, the engineers, technicians, and machinists work in a state of the art facility featuring multi axis CNC mills, lathes, CNC plasma cutting and multiple fabrication stations. The engineers and designers work with the latest CAD software featuring finite element analysis, product rendering capability and laser scanning equipment.

The Travertson facility has been designed to promote constant interaction between and within the engineering and manufacturing groups. The on-site machine shop and molding facility are central to the success of our projects; ideas are prototyped and tested in record time making us sought after by major companies for their solutions.

Travertson is a company where the questioning of conventional thinking is encouraged and practiced by everyone -engineers and non-engineers alike -because open minds are more likely to arrive at workable solutions. This has been our formula for success since we began, and it will continue to drive our success in the future.


Travertson welcomes your projects and questions -  please contact us at 954-763-2283 or nicole at